Monitoring and maintenance services will be provided by ADT Security Services based on a 3 years agreement with ADT. You will own ADT certified & approved brand new alarm equipment from the first day of your installation with extended warranty. Service calls are standard and are included with all packages.

The Control Panels installed in your home with the alarm system contain the following features:

Flip-down door that displays a telephone style number layout with an additional 3 emergency buttons.
Police, Ambulance and Fire buttons so you can call for help 24/7.
Backlit keys offer easy operation even in low light situations.
Chime feature which can alert you to someone opening the door or window when your security system is not armed.
Areas of protection are easily identified by zone number or name so you can be alerted to any security concerns.
ARM/DISARM feature to protect your home while you are away.
STAY feature to provide you security while you are home.
Instant STAY feature to provide you security while you are home with no delay.
AWAY feature to protect your home while you are gone.
Night-Stay feature so you can keep the motion sensor on in the basement while other motion sensors are off when you are home.

Your ADT Monitoring Includes:

Monitored Burglary
Police Emergency
Fire Emergency
Medical Emergency
AC Power Failure
Trouble Conditions
Optional Upgrade: Carbon Monoxide Detector

Optional Upgrade: Temperature Sensor.

Optional Upgrade: Smoke Detector

Optional Upgrade: Water Sensors
Optional Upgrade: Freeze Sensors